The Free World - Directory of Free Software/Culture Related Websites

Last updated: March 14th, 2019

This page is a directory listing for websites and other resources on the topics of free software and/or free culture. The contents of this page are sorted by category and accompanied by descriptions and applicable warnings. I have made this page mostly for my own benefit, but also to help anyone in the free world find useful or interesting resources.

Just about anything that is related to free software or free culture can go on here. Additionally, other resources on things more tangenitally related to free software, such as digital cryptography/security, educational materials about programming and other topics, and even stores of general information, are, in my opinion, deserving of inclusion here. The whole point is to create a nexus that links to a great many resources that a person who is concious of their freedom and privacy rights will appreciate and can use. Licensing information, especially for resources that you are supposed to download to your local machine, is preferable. If you know of any sites that should be on this directory, E-mail me at erik (at) chowhowse (dot) com.

Activist Organizations & Communities

This category is for the websites of activist organizations, social programs, or movements that are related in a major way to free software/culture, or communities that are built specifically around free software/cultureor a subset of it. It also may include organizations that are dedicated to related subjects like privacy (online and off), civil liberties, and fighting DRM.

Political Organizations

Free Software Communities

Free Operating Systems

This category is for free operating systems. Note that not all GNU/Linux distributions are fully free (in fact, most are not). As such, I will not link all of them here. However, I am probably more lenient than some, and I am definitely more forgiving than the FSF. The main goal of this section is to document the OSes that make serious attempts to be fully free, rather than the somewhat more narrow category of OSes that succeed.

GNU/Linux Operating Systems


Free Programs

This category is for the websites and project pages of individual pieces of free software. This category will likely grow extremely large. My intention is to limit the entries here to only those free software programs that are notable, useful, important, and/or have a dedicated website of their own (a GitHub page is not enough). I will consider the latter of those qualifiers to be the most critical, though if the program is important or noteworthy enough, I may include it here even without its own website. Consider this discretionary on my part. Note that inclusion here does not imply my endorsement of these programs, nor any favoritism by me. It is simply meant to be a potentially useful list.

Low-Level Programs

Programming Languages, Tools, and Compilers

Text Editors

Web Browsers

Office Applications


Free Hardware

This category is for hardware devices that meet the specifications of being fully free. One main source regarding whether or not a piece of end-user hardware is free is the FSF's Respects Your Freedom Certification, which constitutes an official endorsement from the Free Software Foundation and has rigorous requirements. There may be some other peices of hardware that warrent inclusion in this list, especially components or other non-end-user-focused devices.

Free Cultural Works

This category is for works that fall under the banner of "free culture." My definition of free culture is simply and expansion of the Four Software Freedoms to include cultural works. Therefor, some things that many might consider "open source" artistic works would not fit in this section. This is usually due to the authors prohibiting "commercial" uses of their work (as in, for example, the webcomic xkcd), which makes the work as a whole incompatible with true freedom.



Social Platforms

This category covers websites that are primarily used by regular people for persistent communication and the sharing of media and information. Traditional "social media"-style sites (that are free software) would belong here, as well as web-based technologies for sharing other specific media (videos, for example). Note that inclusion in this section implies the platform, not neccessarily its contents, is what is free.

Social Media

Video Sharing Services


This category is for sites that host news about free software, free culture, or other subjects of interest. There is much that should be "of interest" to a person concerned with free software/culture, including technology, privacy, and even general news. The issue of having to trust the source of your information is not lost on me, and I try to refrain from linking to both fringe news sites as well as the mainstream media. Most of these links are narrow in their subject matter, and if not, there is some other reason for their inclusion (which will be mentioned in the description). The main criteria for inclusion here is that the site exists to report events as they happen, or to cover persons, places, or events of concern to privacy- and freedom-conscious individuals. Therefor, both a current-events newspaper and an on-subject periodical would belong here, as well as interview-based non-personal blogs.

A note about the "General News" section: Most sources have an editorial slant. That slant can (and certainly does) cross any boundary and turn to outright attempts at manipulation. For this reason, I have been very VERY selective of which sites to place on this list as general news sources. In particular, I have tried to select sources that adhere at least partially to free culture values in some way, or that place privacy issues at the forefront. I also of course DO NOT endorse anything that might be said on these sites.

Linux News

Security & Privacy News

General News

Free Information

This category is for websites that present useful or otherwise desirable information as their main purpose. This can be encyclopedic articles, databases of info, free online books or educational materials, or something else.

Personal Sites & Blogs

This category is for the personal websites or blogs of individuals involved in the free software and/or free culture communities, or who might otherwise be considered notable in the world of free computing (such as perhaps historical figures or professors). Note that blogs for organizations would likely belong under another category. Also note that social media pages will not be included here. In fact, the sites typically refered to as "social media" will not be linked on this page at all, because of serious privacy concerns inherent in most of them. Any exceptions (such as, say, GNU Social) will be included in the Social Media section of this page.