Garden Plans for 2019

January 20, 1970

I intend to plant a large garden this year. I have some experience growing plants, but I have not had a garden at all in the last few years. I am changing that for 2019, and I have already begun planning it.

I have studied modern, efficient gardening practices, such as square-foot gardening and permaculture, as well as other culture's methods of gardening quite extensively over the last few years. I am very interested in homesteading and being self-sufficient when it comes to food. I had great success with a raised-bed garden a few years ago, and am eager to try again on a somewhat larger (but still efficient and manageable, since that is a main component of the goal) scale.

My main goal is for the garden to reduce our grocery bills at least a bit. I intend to do this in two ways; firstly, I will grow enough lettuce and tomatoes and stagger their planting such that we will be able to have a salad for dinner at least one night per week for the duration of the growing season; secondly, I will grow enough potatoes and carrots (our most common side vegetables) to use for our dinner throughout the growing season.

I am hoping to also get chickens later on this year. All in all, this year's garden will be a stepping stone to a future where my main job is growing all of my family's food. This has been my dream for years, and this year I intend to take the first steps toward making it a reality.